About Ann Bayer


Ann’s love of cookies blossomed from visiting a tiny local bakery in Minneapolis, MN in the mid-1970’s, where her mom would buy their unique Christmas tree cookies with sparse green icing and rainbow-colored nonpareils every December. Her eyes would light up at the sight of them in the glass case.

When Ann was about 12-years-old in Maine, she asked her mom if she could bake some cookies for the first time and her mom agreed. However, the cookies transformed into a cake-like mess and her mom said “you will never bake anything else in this kitchen again".

Well, now Ann owns the house where she grew up and her mom would be so thrilled to know how far she has come in the kitchen!

Her love of adorable cookies resurfaced in New York City, when she saw NYC-themed cookies at a gourmet bakery. She immediately took a book out of the library on decorative cookie baking and the rest is history.

She thinks flavor AND aesthetics need to go hand-in-hand. To see the smiles on people’s faces when they see her cute creations, it brings her back to that same excitement she felt in that tiny Minneapolis bakery.

She looks at life as mini celebrations and her unique cookies are the perfect way to celebrate those special times in your life and the ones you love.